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The Solemn and Peaceful Christmas Home Decoration

Christmas Home DecorationWelcoming the Christmas holidays with family, it would be more fun if we could take inspiration from the layout, interior and home decoration. So, let’s look at the home decor in Nordsjælland, Denmark. The first impression of this room is a totally white perfection. Some of the differences are on the bottom of the table, chandelier and picture-frames on the wall.

In fact, the Christmas tree in the corner space enhanced by the snow effects and a few gifts wrapped in white paper. Yes. The floor is snowy too. But, that’s the great idea for a family who will celebrate Christmas in a solemn and peaceful manner.





Fabulously Sleek Bathroom Collection

Fabulously-Sleek-Bathroom-Collection-1If you are confused regarding how to arrange your bathroom, therefore, minimalist or contemporary design can be a good alternative for you. Yes, this idea is mainly presenting something simple but still in portion to accentuate the luxury and elegance. It is then really recommended, whether the size of your bathroom is narrow or the larger ones.

Such neutral colors like white, rustic brown or black are then so much suitable to be blended with this style. Don’t forget also about the furniture cutting which shows more clear angles and sleek bathroom collection without too many details. To make it more beautiful, you should not forget to put minimalist accessories as well.

Fabulously Sleek Bathroom Collection






Fabulous Chalk Hill Off-Grid Cabin

rustic_design_residenceHome or residence with rustic design is now being quite popular. Well, it is probably not as popular as contemporary or modern, but in fact, there are many people who expect to have this one. One of the ideas you can try regarding this home style is by noticing well the Chalk Hill Off-Grid cabin getaway retreat.

Overall, this type of designs is mainly the combination between rustic and modern styles at once. Yes, the wood is being the layer of almost all parts of home interior and exterior, including the wood-framed, wood-sheated piece. The terrace is really cozy and beautiful mainly to see the beauty of sun from south.

rustic design residence




The Application of Wooden in Modern Decor

Wooden in Modern DecorAlthough modern home decoration is now already dominating, it seems that many interior designers are not forgetting the use of such natural materials like wooden. Well, for some years ago, wooden is known to be more appropriate to be matched with any rustic or vintage decoration. But if you notice, it is really beautiful to use the woods for the modern interior ones.

All you need is probably just shape and cut the woods so that it is being more minimalist and simple. Then, it is no matter for you, whether you want to use if on the wall or probably for the furniture. Well, this idea can give more sense of cozy and comfortable while you are inside.


Wooden-in-Modern Decor


The Use of Contemporary Arts in Interior Decoration

Contemporary Arts in Interior DecorationDecorating house means that you should explore your creativity more and even the soul or arts indeed. Moreover, there are so many styles of interior or exterior that you can simply adapt whether it is modern and contemporary, vintage, Mediterranean, Victorian or some others. One of the aspects you have to notice is regarding the term of ceiling.

You can just try the ceiling which is inspired by the old church; it is by using a heavenly abode. Mainly, it is such a decoration shaped like a flower with several blossoms within it. Don’t forget about the application of curvy gate or door to give more sense of gothic era.